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lil ol perth girl, relocated to Melbourne.
these are my thoughts, my adventures, my woes.
instagram: la_healy

How do I write for you my love?
It is so many small things.
Like the moment you realise you are lucky enough to be able to put pen to paper.
When you have to get up for work early, but see a beautiful sunrise in return.
The feeling of a horrible day, and then seeing your face at the end, smiling, and you hug me like I made your day better.
The way you hold my hand and kiss my neck even when you’re grumpy.
When we laugh at the same thing without even saying what it is.
Crazy hot sex and even in the middle of it we grab each other like we are scared the other may be taken away at any moment.
When you get me water in the night time.
When I’ve been stupid and you don’t care.
When you fall asleep on my chest and snore a bit.
How you always make it better than it could have ever been.
When you’re in my dreams.
The way you look sexy in stupid pyjama bottoms and socks.
Your eyes when you really look at me.
How you love me with all of you and the way, like me, you could never put it all in words.
I love you.

Looking back on my old tumblr posts makes me happy because things have improved ten fold in ways I never thought possible.